Get Up and Dance

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Movement in the body creates movement in the brain. It’s science, I swear. Those of us doing sedentary creative pursuits sometimes neglect movement. I sit on the couch with my laptop and/or in the desk chair at the big computer way, way too much, and my brain lets me know by slowing down. Every now and then I have to get up and just wiggle to get the flow going again.

Dancing at my friend's wedding

Dancing at my friend’s wedding

A little bit of dance in the midst of a day full of work makes EVERYTHING BETTER.

And of course, for dance, we need some music!

Here are just a few that get me out of my chair:

Check out Martina in that video!

Bollywood beats always get the party started.

Let me see you move.

What songs get you moving? Share yours in the comments so everybody can discover some new dancing tunes!


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One thought on “Get Up and Dance

  1. Beethoven’s 7th symphony, Rush ‘Free Will’, James Brown ‘I Feel Good’, Beatles ‘I Saw Her Standing There’, Terence Trent D’Arby ‘Sign Your Name’, Art Tatum ‘Moonglow’ . . . & a zillion others!

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