How to Deal with Overwhelm


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Ah, overwhelm. I don’t know about you, dear blog readers, but overwhelm is one of my biggest foes and one of the hardest to conquer.


Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself to get a lot done, every day, all the time? I mean, well, there IS a lot to do, right? What are we supposed to do, just forget about it all?

And, well, yes.

The answer, I have found, for me, to dealing with overwhelm is just this:

#1 Know your priorities

#2 Focus on them

For me that has meant keeping my to do list to 2 or maximum 3 (better yet if I can get it down to one, only one very special one!) important thing each day. I keep all the other distracting little things that need to get done but that I don’t want cluttering up my mental space elsewhere, and start running through them when the important stuff is done for the day or when I’m too burnt out to do anything that requires focus.

What kind of tips and tricks do you have for dealing with overwhelm? How do you manage it when it threatens to derail your momentum?


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