If You Were Killed This Year

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It’s impossible to live your whole life as though you have only today to live, of course, because you don’t. You have a whole life, and you have to plan for that whole life.

And it’s a bit morbid to consider this question of dying, I know.


But as I age I am beginning to ask myself questions like these more often. If I knew I were going to be killed this year, what would I be doing differently? It’s a way of getting closer to what truly matters to you. What risks would you take that might otherwise scare you too much? Who would you reach out to?

I’m having some health issues that have been scaring me. I’ve been working on a steampunk middle grade novel that I love, that has a ton of promise, but there’s another novel that has my heart that I’ve avoided for too long. While at a low point with my health this week, while wondering if I might have something serious, I switched back to working on the one that has my heart, The Map of Innocence.

I immediately felt lighter, like I had righted a wrong that was waiting for me to see it.

So, just for today, just for this moment, tell me: what would you be doing right now if you knew you would be killed this year? Then go do some of it, and enjoy.


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    • Thanks, Karen. I want to travel much more, too. There are so many wonderful things to see in the world. And Maine is one of my favorite places, too.

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