Kenzi’s Top 5 Tips for Building Your Courage

Kenzi, Lost Girl official bestie and kickass sidekick, is the ultimate Spunky Misfit Girl.

Who doesn’t love her style, her attitude, her way with words?

She can teach us a lot about courage.


1. Regret is fo suckas, fo suckas, fo suckas. Puta.

Spoken first by the great poet Ludacris, of course.

This could be rule #1 in the Spunky Misfit Girl Handbook of life, nah?

2. Stay loyal to what’s right and true.

Kenzi has broken into a warehouse to wake Bo from a pain eater’s spell, told off Dyson when he broke Bo’s heart (not to mention the doctor …), and even DIED to stick by her girl. Everybody wants a friend like that.

“She’s Kenzi. She makes me feel normal and special all at the same time. She’s my heart.” ~Bo

“You know that it’s me. I’m her heart. You know she’ll never stop looking for me. She will never stop fighting to bring me home.” ~Kenzi

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3. Always use your words.

Don’t we all aspire to wield descriptions the way the Kenz does?: “captain dead guy,” “anus of a yeti”, “Nazi face-melting goodness,” “nookie-powered Amazon,” and of course the ever-loveable, “vom.”

4. Never lose your sense of humor.

Even when all seems hopeless, Kenzi is there with the wit.

Bo: “It’s kind of tough growing up thinking you might have a shot at being prom queen, and then to find out that you’re part of some ageless secret race that feeds on humans.”

Kenzi: “I hate when that happens.”

5. Don’t tame the spunk — embrace your weird.

The wigs? The corsets? The boots? Where does that girl SHOP?

Can I go, too?

Kenzi makes goth cool again. Except she’s not even really goth. She’s just … Kenzi.

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Don’t know Kenzi yet? Ohhhh you have so much treats ahead of you … find her here.


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