What If You Quit Right Now?

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Today I want you to think about quitting.


Pretend for a second that this isn’t just an exercise. You’re not going to make art anymore. You’re done. You’re going to live out the rest of your life like one of those normal human people you’ve never really understood — without that need to create hanging over your head. You’re going to just stop, now, today, and never look back. You are transformed into a regular person, no longer creative.


You’re never going to do it again, whether it’s writing, sculpture, painting, dance, music. Life will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Or will it?

How does this idea make you feel? Sometimes I jumpstart myself with a question like this when I really don’t feel like writing, because the alternative is worse. Does it tempt you? Does it scare you?

Does it seem easier?

Sometimes in the past it has occasionally seemed easier to me, but then I look at the people who don’t have that thing that moves them, and I am reminded that my way is, in fact, ultimately so much easier emotionally than what they’re going through, trying to find a thing that moves them. Trying to find what the purpose of their lives is.

You have one. How do you feel about the idea of having to give it up?

Do not start thinking that this question is off-limits. It never is. No question is off-limits, for a creator. We must ask them all. We must not be afraid to ask the hard ones.


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