Why You Don’t Need 1 Million Fans


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1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly

The Boneshaker by Kate Milford

Johannes Cabal The Necromancer by Jonathan Howard


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4 thoughts on “Why You Don’t Need 1 Million Fans

  1. Great observations & advice. Build an authentic following based on sincere values in order to earn a living. Artists should be willing to hear or broadcast the message that it okay to It’s important to be practical & realistic. That it’s possible to integrate your over-enthusiastic passion with a practical, realistic approach.

    Bravo, Rachael!

    • That’s a really good point that maybe deserves some expansion in another post or video. We are sort of sold the creative life vs. the commercial life as separate packages. I’ve only just this year realized that I have to be an entrepreneur as well as a writer, when I should have been thinking that way all along. I meet so many people who are doing amazing creative work who don’t even have a website yet.

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