Why You Shouldn’t Have Guilty Pleasures

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2 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Have Guilty Pleasures

  1. I enjoyed your video-self. I’d like some of your enthusiasm! All good.
    I could identify with the passions you mentioned especially Ayn Rand. Many years ago when I was in my 20’s or early 30’s I read, ‘Atlas Shrugged’. I too remember the tremendous impact her works had on me and my life. I could also identify with the one TV Series you mentioned. While I have not watched Dawson’s Creek; I may do so now. For me, Singing and/or dancing–no holds barred; watching TV shows such as Weather Channel, Shopping Network or Sports as ways to relax; and third and indeed the most pleasant, imagining myself in a ‘fiction story’ I am thinking of creating. Hope all is well. Keep writing the Flight of the White Crow!
    Are you familiar with the upcoming A through Z Blogging Event beginning April 1?
    I have just learned of this. I intend to read the blogs of the people who have entered. Although I am not a ‘seasoned or professional’ blogger I am thinking about it for next year, we’ll see.
    Have a great day. Mary

    • Fantastic, Mary! I have a lot of trouble singing in front of people; I’m terrible at it. :) So I should get better about that. Dancing I love, too. I’ve also discovered recently that a good friend I just traveled with shares one of my ex-guilty pleasures – shopping in cutesy gift stores. You should start planning that story!

      I am familiar with the A to Z Challenge; I signed up to participate a couple of weeks ago! Getting some planning and pre-building done now.

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